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When it comes to coping with extremes in weather we Torontonians are a resilient people and we expect the same out of our homes and places of business. No matter the weather, whether it’s the snow storms of winter, to the melt off and precipitation of the spring and summer you need a reliable eavestrough drainage system on your property installed and provided for by experts that know what they’re doing. When it comes to the best in Toronto or the GTA the people at Copper Works Canada can’t be beat. They guarantee the best in service and installation and specialize in copper the best quality material you can use for all of your drainage needs copper. 
Best Bang for your Buck
As for materials one can use for eavestroughs there are many options available, such as steel, aluminum, or plastic. Although initially these are all cheaper options then copper they all have major downsides which will cost you money down the road. Steel and Aluminum are both rusting metals, and considering that the main job of your eavestroughs is the removal of water it’s easy to see why these two metals aren’t your best long term options. Plastic may not rust on you, but isn’t as durable as any of the other metallic options generally requiring more maintenance and has a shorter life span needing to be replaced every 10 years or so. Unlike the other options copper is a rust free metal and typically last up to about 100 years after being installed giving the best bang for your buck in the long haul.
The Distinguished Elegance of Copper
Yes functionality is important when choosing a type of eavestrough for a building, but it can also be an opportunity to spice up the exterior of your property as well. When you think about it, eavestroughs are a highly visible part of a buildings exterior acting like the trim on the structure. Copper eavestroughs can add to a property’s curb appeal paying for itself down the road. Copper eavestroughs provide a vintage yet distinguished look showing that you’ve put some thought into the appearance of your home.  When you think about copper as an option for your eavestroughs consider that like a fine wine they only get better with time. Copper as it ages changes colour from a fiery brash red to a classic yet classy parliamentary green just like the green copper roof tops found on the Canadian and British Parliament buildings. If you’re the type of property owner that cares about the appearance of your structure, and wants to add a little extra something to an often overlooked but highly visible part of your home or business then copper eavestroughs could provide that much needed visual change you were looking for.
The Best Environmental Option
When doing anything these days it’s always important to consider the environment and the impact of our actions, luckily copper is one of the most environmentally sound options available. About 55% of all copper used in the production of eavestroughs or for anything else is recycled. That coupled with the fact that copper is also the longest lasting material means using copper eavestroughs not only saves the environment but the green (money) in your wallet as well.

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